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Herring Caviar Oil

Herring Caviar Oils are unique high-DHA phospholipid oil extracts from North Atlantic herring caviar. Carefully extracted from fish eggs, the beginning of new life, to make nutrients available in pure form. The unique polar lipid composition in the fish egg cell membrane is kept unchanged into the end product.

Key properties of Herring Caviar Oils

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Rich in phospholipid Omega-3

High DHA profile (3:1 DHA/EPA)

Documented high bioavailability

Phospholipids facilitate for active uptake of DHA to the brain

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Naturally stable and resistant to oxidation

No fishy aftertaste 

Non-GMO, non-citrus, and free from shellfish

Natural emulsifier, soluble in oils and water dispersible


Product and formulation flexibility

Our herring caviar extracts are available through bulk orders and finished capsules for private labels. Our Herring Caviar Oil portfolio contains a variety of finished phospholipid products that have passed our strict quality control and can be prepared with short lead times. The Arctic Bioscience science team is also available for creating customized blends and products tailored to meet our customer's specific needs. 

Out-of-the box Herring Caviar Oil

The Romega® product line is a series of plug-and-play Herring Caviar Oils that can be swiftly brought to market. All of our Romega® oils are available as capsules and in bulk volumes. 

Romega® 30 Premium lipid profile

Omega-3 phospholipids

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)        

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

Total Omega-3


340 mg/g

100 mg/g

320 mg/g

470 mg/g

42 mg/g

Romega® 30 Premium

Our most popular phospholipid product with a high content of omega-3

Romega® 30 Natural 

Our most popular budget alternative for when price matters

Romega® 15 

A less viscous product for applications that require a lower viscosity 


Other Romega® oils

Contact us for information on our entire product portfolio

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