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Herring Caviar Extracts

B2B partner for premium marine nutraceutical products





Locally sourced


Our unique product portfolio of phospholipid omega-3 products and marine proteins for B2B customers is based on extracts from the caviar of wild-caught North Atlantic herring. 

Deep historical roots

The herring caviar is gently gathered from herring fished off the Norwegian coast and serves as a premium source of essential marine nutrients. By sourcing our products from the immense schools of herring that migrate north to our pristine waters to spawn, we do as generations of Norwegians before us. We are proud to say that we do our part in keeping Norwegian fishing tradition alive by refining this amazing and sustainable material into high-value products.


Sildfiske by unknown photographer/ Norwegian national library (public domain)


Strong patent protection

The Arctic Bioscience Herring Caviar Extracts are manufactured using proprietary technology developed by our in-house R&D unit. Our Herring Caviar Oil compositions are also under patent protection, allowing us to offer one-of-a-kind phospholipid products in the B2B space.

We care about quality

All our products go through extensive testing according to strict quality control standards. This is done in order for us to proudly provide a premium product of high quality and purity. As a member of GOED, we have also pledged to conform with their strict monograph for the purity of Omega-3 products. 

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